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Makeup Lessons

Private makeup lessons are one-on-one or can be done in a group setting where we investigate what looks you are ideally going for. It could be an everyday look or an evening look or even a daytime look that can transfer into an evening look. You will bring whatever you have for makeup to see if we can incorporate it and teach you how to use it. I also provide my full kit for the lesson as well.


A lesson is hands on where I do one side of the face as you watch closely and I show you in detail my techniques. I then have you do the other side of your face as I guide you along every step of the way. The best way to learn makeup is hands on. At the end of the lesson, we sum up everything we did and write it down and include all of the product recommendations to recreate the look based on your budget. . 

An individual lesson is 2 hours for $165. For a group of two it would be 2.5 hours and $125 per person. For a larger group (more than two) pricing is available upon request. The lesson also includes a pair of false eyelashes and help with applying them. I am available for support with any questions you may have about products and application via text/call/email. At the end of the lesson you will have a beautiful makeup application from our process together. 

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